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November 6, 2015 : Hey! I have a release date for The Girl's Got Secrets, which is Novmber 28th! It is going to celebrate this date with Ada Frost's Silent Scars!! There are sign-ups for ARCs and Blogging tours and blitzes at these links: SBB Promotions (Silent Scars), SBB Promotions (Girl's Got Secrets), and Tasty Book Tours (Both Books), plus The Girl's Got Secrets will available on NetGalley at the end of November! The Girl's Got Secrets is also up for pre-order at: iBooks, Smashwords, Nook, Amazon, and Kobo.

In other news, Kobo Books is having an awesome ebook sale until November 9th, where you can buy two books and get a third free, and guess what? PRICE OF A KISS was honored enough to be in on the deal! Here's the link for that: https://store.kobobooks.com/p/SW3f2US.

October 9, 2015 : Right now, A Fallow Heart is back up for sale in ebook at Amazon only!Paperbacks and other editions will come out later.

And The Girl's Got Secrets should release in November or December of 2015!

September 4, 2015 : Book 6 in the Forbidden Men series, "Worth It," is now available. Asher's story, book 7, titled "The Girl's Got Secrets," is still shooting for a late 2015 release, but we'll see how that goes. Fingers crossed!

A Fallow Heart is temporarily unavailable as it had lost its publisher and it'll take me a bit to get the rights returned to me and get it back up and going again. The cover and price will change, but that's probably about it! Hope to have it back and available within a month or two.

And Be My Hero will have a mini sale over the Labor Day weekend! Have fun, and thanks for dropping by!

July 24, 2015 : Book 6 - WORTH IT - in the Forbidden Men series has a release day! August 25th.

It also has a cover and some pre-order links popping up:
B& N

On Monday (or early next week), Xpresso Book Tours will have sign up for any reviewer who might want an ARC to read...AND they'll have a sign up for a Release Day Blast!

And if you hang around my website or Facebook anytime within the next month before WORTH IT release, you might catch some giveaways and sales on other books!

May 13, 2015 : I'm busy working on books 6 and 7 of the Forbidden Men Series. The title for book six (Knox's story) is changing from "Worthless" to "Worth It" and I think book seven (Asher's story) will be called "The Girl's Got Secrets."

I still have no idea when either will be able to release. I'm only 40,000 words into Worth It and 15,000 words into The Girls's Got Secrets. Brandt's story will come after that, but I'm still just in the idea stage for him and Sarah! And Bailey's book for the Granton series is slowly, barely coming along!

I have an idea for a ninth and final Forbidden Man, though, and I'll update the Forbidden Men page in the next day or two with details about that!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

With Every Heartbeat by Linda Kage

With Every Heartbeat

by Linda Kage

Giveaway ends March 06, 2015.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win
February 2, 2015 : With Every Heartbeat is available for pre-order!! The ARCs have been sent out, and a completed A Perfect Ten is with the editor! There is a new page for all the Forbidden Men books as well as a new group set up on Facebook called The Forbidden Men Lovers! Also, there are some sale prices for the first three Forbidden Men books this month.

December 1, 2014 : After a month-long sickness in our family and a small hospital stay, I think I'm back on track in the writing world! A new excerpt is up for A Perfect Ten! Right now, I'm at 128,000 words completed, and I only have a few chapters left to go! And the editor for With Every Heartbeat is about ready to work on that story, yay!! And that's all the news I have for today.

September 2, 2014 : Loving Lies is here! So far, I've found it available on Amazon and the Omnific Publishing website! I'll post more buy links on the Loving Lies page when they become available. Thanks so much for your support! Happy reading.

August 25, 2014 : Happy release day to Be My Hero!! For a chance to win ebook copies or a $25 Amazon gift card, just visit any stop on Tasty Book Tours' Release Day Blast and sign up through Raflecopter! Be My Hero is honored to co-release with the novel Surviving Love by Ada Frost! Both Ebooks are on sale for $0.99 for this week only! And don't forget, Loving Lies is still planning on going live in EIGHT DAYS!!!

August 21, 2014 : Loving Lies had her cover reveal last week and I totally forgot to post it on my website. Whoops! But here it is now. Just twelve more days until she releases!! In other news, I'm giving away swag packs in flash giveaways on my facebook pages - Linda Kage Romance Author - over the next couple days if you're interested in winning any!

August 06, 2014: It's a day for countdowns!! Be My Hero releases in 19 days (August 25th). My writing pal Ada Frost and I are releasing our two books on the same day, so we're doing a promo tour together! You can sign up for that at Tasty Book Tours if you want to join it! The first week it's available it'll be on sale for $0.99, but then it'll moved back up to $2.99 in September! And there are a couple pre-order links on the Be My Hero page if you're interested in that.

So there are also 19 days until the Goodreads giveaway for three copies of Be My Hero is over. You can sign up to win one HERE!

And finally, there are only 19 days left (August 15th) until we get to see the cover of Loving Lies--yay!--which means that story releases in 27 days on September 2nd!

July 31, 2014: Advanced Reading Copies for review are ready to go out for Be My Hero. It's official release date is August 25th, and it even has a pre-order link on Smashwords! The first week it's available it'll be on sale for $0.99, but then it'll moved back up to $2.99 in September.

July 2, 2014: Loving Lies has a release date!! It will be here in the first week of September 2014. Which means Be My Hero (which I finally finished writing) will either be here August 2014 or March 2015.

May 12, 2014: To Professor, With Love is here!! And its book tour starts today at the links below! Also, if you're curious about the next book in the series, I have a page for Be My Hero set up to help keep you updated of where it is in the writing/publishing process!

May 12th- Queen of All She Reads- Promo/Review

(Stop 2) Bibliophile Mystery- Excerpt/Promo

May 13th- Craves the Angst- Review

(Stop 2) The REAL Housewives of Romance- Review

May 14th- Imagine a World- Review

(Stop 2) Girl With Books- Review

May 15th- In My Room Reading- Review/Promo

(Stop 2) YA Book Addict- Review

May 16th- The Suburban Eclectic Reviews- Review

(Stop 2) Reality Bites! Lets Get Lost!- Review/Excerpt



May 17th- Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess- Review/Interview

(Stop 2) Ramblings of a Book Lunatic- Review/Excerpt

May 18th- Storm Goddess Book Reviews- Review

(Stop 2) Scandalous Book Blog- Review



May 19th- Book Labyrinth- Interview

(Stop 2) The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog- Review/Excerpt

May 20th- Sugar and Spice Book Reviews- Review

(Stop 2) Falling in Fall- Review

(Stop 3) As the Pages Turn- Review/Excerpt

May 21st- Brooke Blogs- Review

(Stop 2) All Romance Reviews- Review

May 22nd- Romancing the Readers- Promo

(Stop 2) Romance Addict Book Blog- Review/Excerpt

May 23rd- Still Seeking Allies Blog- Review/Excerpt

(Stop 2) Loves Romance Books- Review/Excerpt

(Stop 3) Three Chicks and Their Books- Review/Excerpt

April 15, 2014: To Professor, With Love will release in less than a month! The first chapter of it is up on Goodreads if anyone wants to get started early!

March 31, 2014: I didn't really revamp my website, but I did give it a new look! Both To Professor, With Love and Loving Lies are getting closer to having their edits finished. I won a 2014 Epic Contest award in the Young Adult division for my story, The Color of Grace and book three of the Forbidden Men series is nearly 40,000 words complete!

March 5, 2014: I'm 80% certain the title for the Granton University Series: Book 2 will be LOVING LIES! To Professor with Love will have its cover reveal this Friday! I hope you like it. I've already started working on Book Three of the Forbidden Men series, which will be Eva's story.

January 17, 2014: Happy Not-So-New-Anymore Year!!! I finally have my bookshelf updated to show a couple of books that will be coming out in 2014!! If you enjoyed Paige and Logan's story in Fighting Fate, then you'll get to see a little bit of them in The Granton University Series: Book 2 (no title yet, sorry)! And there will be glimpses of Reese and Mason from Price of a Kiss in To Professor with Love, which is book two in my Forbidden Men series. Happy reading. I'll have more updates later, when I actually know more...like specific release dates! Thanks for stopping by.

October 28, 2013 : It's been too long since I last gave an update, so I have tons to report!! Today starts the Fighting Fate book tour, being hosted by Omnific Publishing and AToMR Book Tours! Here's the tour schedule:

October 28
- Book Freak-Review
- Craves the Angst-Review
- Kawehi's Book Blog-Review
- Kindle and Me-Review
- Live Read and Breathe-Review
- Samís Book Basket-Review
- Waves of Fiction-Review

October 29
- A Cauldron of Books-What Inspired Fighting Fate
- Jeneeís Book Blog-Review
- Kimberly Faye reads-Review
- Rustys Reading-Excerpt 1
- Swooning Over Books-Review
- Valley of the Book Doll-Author Interview
- Wolfel's World of Books-Review

October 30
- A Trail of Books Left Behind-Review
- Booksellers Without Borders NY-Review
- Martini Times Romance-Review
- Rolo Polo Book Blog-Fun Facts Part 1
- Stuck In Books-Review

October 31
- Swoon Worthy Books-Review
- Three Chicks and Their Books-Review

November 1
- All Romance Reviews-Review
- Books Over Boys-Fun Facts Part 2
- Crazed Bookie-Review
- Kitap Esintisi-Review
- Made For You Book Reviews-Review
- Meredithís Musings-Review
- The Flirty Reader-Review
- Reader Girls-Review

November 2
- Bridger Bitches Book Blog-Review
- Courtneyís Book Nook-Review
- Imagine a World-Review
- KT Book Reviews-Authorís Favorite Quotes
- Morning After a Good Book-Review
- Pete de Violet-Review
- Sam the Bookaholic-Review
- Sizzling Hot YA Books-Review
- The Book Addict-Excerpt 2
- Tyhada Reads-Review

In other news, The Color of Grace has made it into the finals of the 2014 Epic Ebook Awards, for the young adult division. Winners will be announced in March 2014 at their annual EpiCon!

I also have a new page on my website called COVERS because I've gotten into the book cover making business. I created a cover for a future story I'm working on and I became so addicted I made more...and more...and a couple more. If you want to get a cover created by me, check out some I've concocted. Pre-mades are only $25.00!

And last but not least, I have a short scene from Price of a Kiss that's written in Mason's POV! You can read it at True Story Book Blog or A Life Bound by Books!!

September 30, 2013 : Today starts the Men of Omnific Book Boyfriend Smack down! The authors of Omnific Publishing are putting their best male characters head-to-head in a March Madness-style competition where you can vote on your ultimate guy! My boy, LOGAN XANDER from Fighting Fate, is competing today. You can vote for him here (http://www.readlovelust.com/omnific-smackdown) to show him your love. You just scroll down until you find his box where he's competing against Sebastian. You can also win a free ebook of Fighting Fate when you learn more about Logan at Crystal's Many Reviews. Voting lasts three days (until October 2nd).

In other Linda Kage news, AToMR Tours hosted a review tour for Price of a Kiss last week! The contest to win a $25 Amazon gift card from this tour ends in two days. Just pop into any tour stop to enter the raffle copter giveaway. Here were some amazing things said about my baby. Feel free to check out some of the reviews:

- Whirlwind Books
- Literary Nook
- Book Nerd
- Book Avenue
- Two Tall Tales
- Autumn Reviews
- Sizzling Hot Books
- Angie's Dreamy Reads

- Cocktails and Books
- Mean Girls Love Books
- Morning After a Good Book
- Stuck in Books
- True Story Book Blog
- Roses Book Blog

September 3, 2013 : Tasty Book Tours is hosting an excerpt and review tour! Prizes are paperback and ebook copies of Price of a Kiss along with an Amazon gift card! Links for tour stops are below. You can stop by any of them to enter:

Excerpt Tour
Sept 2nd - Imagine a World
OR - Escaping Reality One Book at a Time
Sept 3rd -Faerie Tale Books
OR - Book Freak
OR - Paws and Print
Sept 4th - Craves the Angst
Sept 5th - Sharon's Book Nook
Sept 6th - Storm Goddess Book Reviews

Review Tour
Sept 2nd - Book Passion for Life
Sept 3rd - Alphas, Authors and Books, Oh My
Sept 4th - Imagine a World
Sept 5th - Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess
Sept 6th - The Suburban Eclectic
Sept 6th - All Romance Reviews
Sept 9th - Crazy Four Books
Sept 9th - Escaping Reality One Book at a Time
Sept 10th - Sharon's Book Nook
Sept 10th - Paws and Print
Sept 11th - Craves the Angst
Sept 12th - Storm Goddess Book Reviews

August 19, 2013 : Kiss it Better is only $0.99 this week! And a contest to win a paperback copy of Price of a Kiss is open until September 9th at GoodReads!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage

Price of a Kiss

by Linda Kage

Giveaway ends September 09, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

August 16, 2013 : Though it won't get its official celebration for being out until September, Price of a Kiss is available for sale now! I'm adding links to the "buy price of a kiss" section as they come in. This is my first self-published-from-the-ground-up story, and I'm super excited to see all that work come to fruition!! Happy Reading.

August 16, 2013 : Though it won't get its official celebration for being out until September, Price of a Kiss is available for sale now! I'm adding links to the "buy price of a kiss" section as they come in. This is my first self-published-from-the-ground-up story, and I'm super excited to see all that work come to fruition!! Happy Reading.

August 6, 2013 : Price of a Kiss has a cover! Fighting Fate was rated "Top Pick" in Best Romance Novel's Today best contemporary romance section this week. And Addicted to Ansley was picked up by Thorndike Press to publish in hardback large print!

July 25, 2013 : For any book blogger who might want to take part in the cover reveal of Price of a Kiss on Tuesday August 6th, sign-ups are HERE! And if anyone would like to know what my favorite scene in Fighting Fate is, I am sharing an excerpt of it this Sunday (July 28th) at Book Chick City during their "Sunday Love-In" feature!

July 22, 2013 : Congrats to the two winners of Fighting Fate: Jacki Chase (chose ebook) and Christine Cushing (chose paperback). In other news, How to Resist Prince Charming and Kiss it Better are starting a review tour today. Here is a list of when and where bloggers will be discussing my books for the next two weeks:

July 16, 2013 : To go along with the new release today for Fighting Fate (woo hoo!!!) and the $0.99 sale for The Color of Grace (sale ends Friday, July 19, 2013), there is also a giveaway contest for Fighting Fate over in the Contest Page, which is open until Sunday (July 21st).

July 15, 2013 : TWO Big News Announcements:

1) Fighting Fate (formally called Cry) is available tomorrow to buy! Iím updating the Fighting Fate page as the buy links pop up! This is one of my favorites. I think itís also my familyís favorite, because they wonít stop asking when Iím going to get the next book in this series written!

2) The ebook for The Color of Grace is on sale this week only (July 15th to July 19th) for $0.99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!! So if youíve ever wanted to get a copy, this would be the time to do it!

July 1, 2013 : The revised, republished edition of How to Resist Prince Charming is now available at Smashwords, and AllRomance Ebooks, and Amazon (and coming SOON to other distributors)! plus in print at CreateSpace! Likewise, the updated version of Kiss it Better is also now available in book at Smashwords, and AllRomance Ebooks, and Amazon(and coming SOON to other distributors)plus in print at CreateSpace!

June 17, 2013 : My upcoming new adult story, Cry, is changing it's title. I'll let you know what the new title is whenever I find out for sure!! It's rating did rise in sensuality to "one open-door bedroom scene", and I've gotten a peek of what the cover may look like! In other stories, reprinted editions of Kiss it Better and How to Resist Prince Charming will start being available in two weeks from today! And Price of a Kiss will be available in eleven weeks!

May 24, 2013 : Check out my new cover for the upcoming re-release of Kiss it Better. It'll be here in July! Edits for Price of a Kiss and Cry are coming along nicely. But I think my sensual rating for Cry might get bumped up to "one open-door bedroom scene" instead of "nothing beyond kissing" where it is now if my editor has her way. We'll see!

April 29, 2013 : A contest to win a paperback copy of A Fallow Heart is open until May 15th at GoodReads!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Fallow Heart by Linda Kage

A Fallow Heart

by Linda Kage

Giveaway ends May 15, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

April 15, 2013 : Itís official. With one of my beloved publishers going out of business, two of my stories will be re-published. Keep an eye out in the months ahead for the re-printed, re-priced, re-covered, re-done versions of Kiss it Better and How to Resist Prince Charming.

April 2, 2013 : A Fallow Heart is now available in PRINT!

March 15, 2013 : TODAY is Addicted to Ansley's official release day! It's already available at Black Lyon Publishing, Amazon, and AllRomance eBooks in both paperback and ebook formats. This makes an even dozen novels published for me, and I feel honored to get to share that many of my stories!

March 3, 2013 : The Goodreads Giveaway for Addicted to Ansley starts today. The contest is open until March 31st! In other news, I'm going to venture into self-publishing, just to see what it's all about! I finished the mature new adult story Price of a Kiss and am aiming for a late August release! Fingers crossed in that department.

February 12, 2013 : Addicted to Ansley has a cover! Meanwhile, Tasty Book Tours is setiting up virtual blog book tours for both A Fallow Heart and Addicted to Ansley. So, there should be some giveaway contests coming in March for both of those books. OH! And the three stories The Stillburrow Crush , The Trouble with Tomboys, Delinquent Daddy have permanently reduced their ebook prices to $2.99 each. And that's all I have to announce today! Toodles.

January 11, 2013 : There is a contest to win an ebook copy of A Fallow Heart over at The Romance Reviews. The contest is open un January 15th, and two winners will be drawn.

December 30, 2012 : A Fallow Heart is now available at Sweet Cravings Publishing! I'll update the buy links whenever they become available at other places (like Amazon, B&N, and aRe)! I also sold another sweet adult romance to Black Lyon Publishing. It's tentative release is March 2013. Have a Happy New Year!

December 21, 2012 : Exciting Update! I just learned A Fallow Heart is going to come out NEXT THURSDAY (That's December 27th) instead of May 2013! I know, holy freaking cow, batman!!! So, I'll be madly scurrying around, trying to set up some kind of tour. But more info on that later. Until next Thursday. Have a very Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2012 : A Fallow Heart has a cover! And I've added a teaser excerpt, so feel free to check that out! Have a very Merry Christmas!

December 7, 2012 : Calling all Trouble with Tomboys fans!! If you were ever curious about how Jo Ellen and Cooper ended up together, now you can know. Their story, A Fallow Heart, will release in 2013 from Secret Cravings Publishing with a couple of Grady and B.J. appearances. I have a blurb up now, and excerpts are coming in a month or so.

November 13, 2012 : My first author signing!!! I'm going to have a table at the Pittsburg Public Library (in Pittsburg, Kansas) Local Author Reception this Thursday (November 15th). Several authors will be there from 6pm to 7:30pm (Central Standard Time) with information and books for sell. Stop by and see me!!
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October 12, 2012 : And here are the stops for the LAST two days of The Color of Grace Blog Tour :

-Stuck in Books : Review
-Squiggles Reviews : Interview & Giveaway
-Ivy B Misbehavin' : Interview
-Tumbling in Books : Review & Giveaway
-Books and Beyond : Guest Post & Giveaway
-The Romance Review : Giveaway
-Romancing the Book : Puzzle & Giveaway

October 10, 2012 : Two stops today on The Color of Grace Blog Tour :

-Reading Angel : Guest Post & Giveaway
-Lovey Dovey Books : Guest Post & Review

October 9, 2012 : Three stops on The Color of Grace Blog Tour today:

-One A Day Y.A. : Guest Post & Giveaway
-Hott Books : Interview
-Book Labyrinth : Guest Post & Giveaway

October 8, 2012 : Here are the stops on The Color of Grace Blog Tour for today and this weekend:

-Mom Loves 2 Read : Giveaway
-Kissed by Ink : Guest Post & Review
-I Heart YA Books : Review & Giveaway
-Readergirl : Review & Giveaway
-BookSpark : Review

October 5, 2012 : There are three stops on The Color of Grace Blog Tour today:

-Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf for a Review and Interview
-Reader's Edyn for a Guest Post & Giveaway
-BookSpark for an Interview

October 4, 2012 : The three stops on The Color of Grace Blog Tour today are:

-Courtney's Book Nook : Surprise Post
-Totally Bookalicious : Guest Post & Giveaway
-Fictonal Distraction : Interview

October 3, 2012 : There are two stops on day three of The Color of Grace Blog Tour:

-Me, My Shelf, and I for an Interview
-Bookaholics for a Character Interview
Visit awhile and enjoy!!

October 2, 2012 : We have three stops on day two of The Color of Grace Blog Tour. !! And here is the list :

-Chocolate Coated Reviews -Review
-Fictitious Musings : Character Sketch

There will be more yet tomorrow, so be sure to come back!!

October 1, 2012 : The Color of Grace Blog Tour starts today!! If you want to hit any of the stop's, Here is where I'll be hanging out:

-Good Choice Reading - Guest Post
-Ellz Readz : Interview
-A Tasty Read : Review & Giveaway
-Diane Estrella : Guest Post & Giveaway
-Linda Kage Blog Page : Scavenger Hunt Giveaway

Come back for more tomorrow!!

September 6, 2012 : A paperback copy of The Color of Grace is being given away at I am a Read not a Writer's blog today! Giveaway open until September 24th! And tomorrow (September 7th) a giveaway for the paperback of The Color of Grace will open in Goodreads.

September 2, 2012 : The Color of Grace is available in Kindle at Amazon!

September 1, 2012 : The Color of Grace is HERE!!!! It's now available in both paperback and ebook at Whiskey Creek Press! I'll add other buy links (like Amazon and B&N) over the next few days as they come in. Next chance to win a copy of the book in print starts Monday. See the contests page for details!

August 8, 2012 : Kiss it Better received a 5-star review from The Romance Review! THE COLOR OF GRACE book tour seems to have reached its completed schedule. 33 stops! October is going to be a BUSY month for me. You can check out the contests page for a list of all the prizes that will be given away during the tour!

July 13, 2012 : I seem to get the best news on Friday the 13th. Today my news is: I saw the cover for THE COLOR OF GRACE!!! I'm so excited. I'll make my big reveal on Monday! See you then.

July 5, 2012 : I've heard from both the cover art director and my line editor for my The Color of Grace story!!! So I should have a book cover plus all my edits completed by the end of the month. Woo Hoo. I've been kind of anxious for both since, oh, last September! Only two months to go for the big release day.

June 6, 2012 : The Color of Grace will release in THREE months!! As part of my celebrating preparations, I'm bringing my old free-read story back out of storage! You can start reading on it today if you like!

Bad Boys Don't Play Hero
Young Adult Romance Novella
Free Read
Length : 23,000 words or 53 pages
Readership : Ages 13 and up
Available : NOW!
In Ebook Only

When Nick Farrow sneaks into Tri-Delta Educational Academy's school dance, he's only curious to see how rich kids live. He never expects to meet pretty freshman, Kiernan Childler. Just when they start to get along, though, her father catches them together. And surprise, surprise, her dad ends up being his dad's boss. His father is fired over the ordeal, making Nick determined to do anything to get his dad's job back.

Homesick after leaving her mom due to a custody battle, Kiernan must adjust to living with her dad. She isn't prepared for someone like Nick to tumble into her life. When she learns he's been lying to her, she doesn't plan to forgive him, but he manages to persuade her into helping him find an arsonist.

What starts as a desperate attempt to save his dad's job, turns into an adventure neither Kiernan nor Nick expected. Download Link

May 11, 2012 : The Best Mistake has received a few new happy reviews:
Romancing the Book said...
"I absolutely LOVED this book. I thought Deri was a girl after my own heart. She's obviously a hard worker and even though she's supposed to be a spy, she's got to be the worst one I have ever seen."

You Gotta Read Reviews said...
"The Best Mistake is a funny, sweet romantic read, with a sad touch; I admired how Deri could remain her kind and considerate self around her "family" who treats her horribly."

Single Titles said...
"I loved Cole he goes from perfectly polished to relaxed charmer once he meets Deri."
In the young adult corner, I'm planning a huge blow-out book blog tour for The Color of Grace to take place October 1st through the 12th, I'm thinking. My list of blogs to contact is about three pages long thus far! So beware....As soon as I get a cover, the promoting will begin!!!!

May 7, 2012 : Authors who blog at The Writers Vineyard (which I do!) have compiled a free eCookbook full of fun recipes. To get your copy, you can download a PDF right off my site by clicking on the recipe icon to the left. Or you can download a free copy at these sites: BookYards, Champagne Books, and SmashWords. Happy Cooking!

April 13, 2012 : Happy Friday the 13th. I'm celebrating over on the Contest Page by having two giveaways of some of my stories. Both contests run to the twentieth of April.

March 14, 2012 : THE BEST MISTAKE is now available in ebook at The Wild Rose Press! I'm also being interviewed over at A Tasty Read!

March 12, 2012 : Happy News: The Right to Remain Mine is now available in PRINT at Champagne Books and soon at Amazon!

March 5, 2012 : Here is a complete (so far) agenda for my Blog Tour.
Right to Remain Mine & The Best Mistake Blog Tour

Jan 24, 2012 - Interview at Books-N-Kisses

Jan 31, 2012 - Guest Blog at The Rose of Prose

Feb 1 - Feb 6, 2012 - Giveaway at The Romance Reviews (winners : Mrs AJ Ward & Teresa B. )

Feb 5, 2012 - Giveaway at The Goddess Party Pavilion (winner : Marie Rose Dufour)

Febr 6, 2012 - Interview at Joyfully Reviewed

Feb 6 - Feb 10, 2012 - Guest Week at Novel Works

Feb 6, 2012 - Release Day for "The Right to Remain Mine" at Champagne Books

Feb 13, 2012 - Interview at You Gotta Read

Feb 15, 2012 - Guest Post at Whispers Publishing

Feb 17 - Mar 2, 2012 - Giveaway at Paperback Adventures (winner: Sandy V.)

Feb 20 - 24, 2012 - Giveaway and Guest Post at Romancing the Book (winners : Allie & Patti P.)

Feb 24, 2012 - Interview at Fallen Angels Review

Feb 24 - Mar 15, 2012 - Giveaway & Interview at For the Luv of Sanity (winner: Angel G.)

Mar 6, 2012 - Interview at BookWenches

Mar 6 - 14, 2012 - Giveaway at The Romance Reviews (winners: acm05, onion1128, WayFaring)

Mar 7, 2012 - Giveaway at Reading Between the Wines (winner: Joanne B.)

Mar 14, 2012 - Giveaway & Interview at A Tasty Read (winner: Elizabeth)

Mar 14, 2012 - Release Day for "The Best Mistake" at The Wild Rose Press

February 27, 2012 : The blog, For the Luv of Sanity, interviewed me. If you comment there, you can put your email address in to win an ebook copy of The Best Mistake. One winner will be drawn. Other contests to win books are mine are in full swing. Just check out my contests page!

February 20, 2012 : Next stop on my mini-blog tour halts today at at Romancing the Book Blog, where I wrote a guest post and am giving away two books.

There are more places my book is being given away. You can find all the details of when, where, what, etc. on the contest page!

February 13, 2012 : My mini-blog tour continues. I'm at You Gotta Read Reviews today, being interviewed.

February 6, 2012 : It's the RELEASE DAY for The Right to Remain Mine--Yay! I have a buy link (here) at Champagne Books for it, and I'll post more on the Right to Remain Mine page as they trickle in!

Today is the last day to enter the contest to win of copy of this book at The Romance Reviews. Congrats to Marie Rose Dufour, who won a copy at the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion yesterday. More giveaways are listed on my contest page.

And lasty, I was spotlight interviewed over at Joyfully Reviewed. Feel free to hop over and find out what my favorite chocolate is!

February 5, 2012 : I'll be at the Goddess Fish Promotions Party (LINK HERE) today, and if you comment on the 11:30 AM (CST) blog post, you'll be entered in a chance to win an ebook copy of The Right to Remain Mine (by me) plus a chance to win a $10 gift card to Amazon (by the goddess fish people). One winner will be drawn for each.

February 1, 2012 : For a chance to win an ebook copy of The Right to Remain Mine, head over to The Romance Reviews (LINK HERE) and enter your information there. Two winners will be drawn. Contest open until February 6th.

January 31, 2012 : The next stop on my mini-blog tour halts today at The Rose of Prose blog, where I chat about book blurbs and...back yards!

January 24, 2012 : My mini-blog tour for the coming releases of The Right to Remain Mine and The Best Mistake started today, where I'm over at the Books-N-Kisses blog talking about writing and my next two books.

December 16, 2011 : Wow, oh wow!! The Trouble with Tomboys received another review over a year after being published. This time around, it won a top pick from Night Owl Reviews. With a 4.5 rating, reviewer Beth said :
This was an enjoyable read. BJ had a really off beat personality that made the story interesting. It was easy to fall in love with Grady. He was genuine and sweet most of the time. The care he showed for BJ instantly was endearing. The side characters were also charming and funny. Overall, a charming tale for its readers.

December 8, 2011 : I have a release date set for my second YA book, The Color of Grace. So here is what my 2012 book schedule looks like right now!
-Feb 6, 2012 : The Right to Remain Mine (Champagne Books)
-Feb 15, 2012 : A Man for Mia in LARGE PRINT hardback (Thorndike Press)
-Mar 14, 2012 : The Best Mistake (The Wild Rose Press)
-Sep 15, 2012 : The Color of Grace (Whiskey Creek Press)

November 21, 2011 : I'm celebrating this fine Monday with a new cover and a new review. The Romance Dish called Kiss it Better a story "that will pull at every string in your heart, but also gift you with a laugh and a smile" over on their blog this past Saturday. Their review of my story is sandwiched between a Nora Roberts and Janet Chapman book review. Yeah, imagine that, huh!! Me between those two stars.

And I'm very proud to reveal a masterpiece by cover artist, Amanda Kelsey, called The Right to Remain Mine!!! If you can't see my new book cover on my sidebar to the right there, then you can view it on my books page. What do you think? Yes, I like it to!!!!! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a lovely holiday week!

November 01, 2011 : Announcing another review!! This time, A Man for Mia received four stars. Here's a tid bit of what The Long and Short of it Reviews said (you can go to Mia's page to read the whole thing):
I'm glad I had the opportunity to read A Man for Mia. I recommend it to anyone seeking a touching story of love, loss, and hope. Read it with a box of tissues close at hand.

October 26, 2011 : I just tripped across a new review for The Trouble with Tomboys. Can you believe that? It's been out for over a year, and The Romance Studio still gave it a look. Not just any look either, but a 4-star look! Here was reviewer Jaye had to say:
At first, B.J. Gilmore's rough talk put me off. However, I soon realized that, underneath the gruff exterior, was a kind, loving and very feminine woman. The author has done an excellent job in creating the backgrounds for the main characters. B.J.'s tomboy characteristics, which come from growing up with a father and brothers, but no mother, are well defined and natural to her character. The grieving widower's actions are also realistic and well drawn. The author has written two characters who balance each other beautifully. The settings are excellent, putting the reader right in the scenes, the emotions beautifully done. I loved the way the writer dealt with B.J.'s lack of knowledge of how a female should act. The main characters battle their way into loving one another, right up to a wonderful conclusion.

I really loved this book, and definitely grew to care for the characters.

October 25, 2011 : The Best Mistake has a cover and release date. It will release from The Wild Rose Press on Wednesday, March 14, 2012. page.

I've also learned that A Man for Mia will release a large print version from both Thorndike Press and AudioGo coming here sometime in the future, which I think is totally exciting because this will be the first time one of my stories goes to large print!

October 3, 2011 : There's a contest to win some Linda Kage books on the contest page. And I'm happy to announce KISS IT BETTER received another 4-star review. Here's what Single Titles had to say:
Intense read, you really feel for Reed who has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Sophia is a breath of fresh air, she wants to be there for Reed, but his own inner demons have him conflicted on what to do. Linda Kage takes a difficult subject matter and writes an impressive story filled with hope.

September 26, 2011 : My story, HOT COMMODITY, is a finalist in the 2012 EPIC's eBook Award Contest!! Winners are announced in March.

September 12, 2011 : Kiss it Better received its first review! Sizzling Hot Book Reviews gave it four stars, saying...
With strong characters and a sweet romance, Kiss it Better is a great story to curl up with and enjoy. I would recommend picking it up if you are looking for some down to earth people in real situations that make the best of who they are and what they are faced with.

August 19, 2011 : Kiss it Better is available today exclusively in ebook at Whispers Publishing!!!

August 5, 2011 : I've been talking to a couple little birdies recently and have learned two things: A Man for Mia will be coming out in LARGE PRINT hardback! Whoot! I think maybe that'll happen sometime in 2012. I'll let you know more about that when I found out more! Second, Kiss it Better is releasing in two weeks from today, on August 19th! It'll be available exclusively in ebook. A video will be posted for it within the week.

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