Beware of Maverick by Linda Kage

NOVELLA in the 2nd Generation FM Books
Contemporary New Adult Romance
Orginally published Jan 2021 in Secrets That We Keep
6,703 words, 24 pages
1-Flame Sensuality Rating

Cress hates finishing up his freshman year of college with a broken heart, but here he is anyway: broken, depressed, and alone. Rooming with family friend, Trick, he finally takes his mourning period too far, and Trick decides to force him from seclusion by getting him out of the apartment for a while.

But along the way, they need to stop at this one house real quick.

Enter Maverick St. James.

With the body of a construction worker and a wicked frown that’s hot as hell, Maverick is just the kind of guy Cress needs to steer clear of right now. Or maybe he’s just what Cress needs to make him realize life isn’t over yet; it’s just getting started.



The dude who climbed from the truck sported a gray T-shirt, black jeans, black leather jacket, and tan construction worker boots. I nodded because, oh yeah, he looked like he could be a construction worker. Big rough frame, not shaved but not yet beard status either, dark hair that spiked out, and a don’t-fuck-with-me look about him.

Mmm. Yes. There was just something utterly delicious about construction workers. They were so physical. So raw. So male.

A full-body shiver seized me as I appreciated the view.

Then he did the unthinkable. He reached up to scratch the back of his neck, flashing me with just enough raised hem to show off the silver grommets that went all the way about his black belt. They detracted from his construction worker look to give him more of a bad boy, metrosexual vibe. Which, for me, was even sexier.

A sound of need whimpered its way from the back of my throat. But if this was Maverick, I wanted one.

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