My Enemy's Boyfriend by Linda Kage

BOOK 2 in The Seven Series
Contemporary New Adult Romance
with Paranormal Elements

Orginally published 23 May 2024
129,267 words, 398 pages
3-Flame Sensuality Rating

It was no mystery why I hated Genesis Gusano. She liked to take other people’s things. The bitch stole a pair of my cutest shoes along with my favorite necklace and a school paper I’d written, which had nearly gotten me expelled from Haverick University entirely. But the last straw came when she dared to take the one thing I’d been pining over for two years.


I had craved Hudson Ivey in a way I didn’t even know craving was possible, and that was before I’d learned his dang name.

He had no idea he’d become a possession that two enemies were warring over. All he wanted to do was graduate with his culinary arts degree and become the best chef possible.

But now he’s stuck in Genesis’s sick game until a ghost from his past changes all the rules, possessing him in a whole new, far more dangerous way.

I promised myself I was done with the paranormal life. I was determined to be a normal, everyday, average girl. But I can’t just stand aside and watch him be destroyed. So I guess it’s time for a little Faith to step in and save the day.



As I eased the back door of my house open with quiet precision, I held my breath and slipped inside the kitchen, straining my ears the entire way for stirrings from my mother.

When I heard nothing, I exhaled in relief and finished shutting the door behind me, only for the latch to click with the faintest snick of sound.

“Hudson? Is that you?”


I slumped against the betraying exit before answering, “Yeah, Ma. You need something?”

All the while, I silently begged, please don’t come back here. Please don’t come back here.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” she slurred irritably. “That friend of yours—Thane—he called again.”

Jesus. Of course, he had.

I scoffed over his persistence—dude just wasn’t getting the message, was he?—and I pushed away from the door because Ma sounded way too toasted to get out of her chair and wander in here to check on my state of sobriety.

“Oh yeah?” I asked, feigning interest as I neared the cabinets, tapping my fingers along the countertop. I needed some sustenance, stat.

“Yes! And this was the fifth time in the past two days,” Ma ranted on just as I discovered an unopened bag of potato chips on the top shelf.

Thinking those would do just fine, I dragged them down and turned in search of more.

“He says you haven’t returned any of his calls in weeks.”

With a roll of my eyes, I didn’t mention that I was avoiding him on purpose because I had tapped out from the damn meetings he kept thinking I needed to attend. But I was done. Finished. Finito. No more grief group for me. He should really get over it and move on.

I certainly had.

“Will you just call him back so he’ll stop pestering me already?”

Except he’d brought my mother into it. Which, in turn, pestered me.

“Sure thing, Ma,” I promised. “I’ll do that right now.”

I was totally on top of it…right after never.

Spotting a half-finished package of Oreos on the counter, I snagged those as well and nodded to myself in approval. Then, I moseyed my way to my room, whistling under my breath until I shut myself inside with a nudge from my foot.

Finally alone, I let the snacks topple from my arms and onto my desktop before I opened the drawer underneath. I wavered in front of it as I dug into my pants pocket and extracted a small clear baggie. Once I held it up to make sure it hadn’t sprung a leak, I flicked a finger at the contents in greeting before dropping it inside the drawer and shutting the evidence away. And then I was ready to get comfortable

I eagerly climbed onto my desk along with my snacks and, after opening my bedroom window, I rested my spine against its casing before letting my head fall back in dreamy relief. When a light breeze filtered in through the screen and stroked an airy finger along my cheek, I closed my eyes and exhaled.

Now this... This was the shit.

The warm air felt so good on my skin that I groaned from the pleasure of it. Kicking off my shoes, I listened to them clomp to the floor as I stretched out my legs and crossed them at the ankles, getting good and relaxed.

Outside, the sounds of summer greeted me with a soothing melody. The neighbor’s sprinkler was running full blast. Down the block, a lawn mower chugged to life. Kids yelled happily in the distance. A car drove by on the street, its radio entertaining me with a brief snippet of Coldplay.

When I heard the tweeting of a bird from above, I let my lashes flutter open so I could peer up into the branches of the trees, where I spotted a cardinal.

Its feathers looked brilliantly red nestled between those dull, brown limbs and full, feathery leaves.

“Wicked,” I whispered, taking it all in. Life was just so fucking beautiful sometimes.

And the colors. Damn. I loved color.

I mean, the green of the grass was just

And that truck driving by… I didn’t think I’d seen white that brilliantly white before.

Color was nice.

But you know what was even better than color?


Remembering I had munchies scattered around me, I pulled the bag of chips into my lap and opened the top. Closing my eyes in ecstasy, I breathed in the fresh, cheesy scent that poured out and reached my hand in to grab a handful of goodness.

After stuffing my mouth, I tipped my head back against the window frame and chewed, smiling because nothing hurt when I was like this. There was no pressure in my head, threatening to burst my skull open, no guilt thrumming through my veins, no fucked up parents making me think every problem in the world was my fault. No worries at all. Just easy, peaceful, good times.

Satisfied, I watched the cardinal in the trees some more as it hopped around, probably looking for a place to build a home.

Must be nice to have nothing in life to worry about but finding that next perfect twig.

Felt like I’d barely taken another handful of chips when someone knocked on my door.

Ooh, visitors. Visitors sounded nice too. I even felt good enough to welcome my mom right now.

“S’open,” I called, lulling my head that way.

The door swung inward, and Thane swept inside.

“Hey!” I greeted with a wide smile as I waved a handful of potato chip crumbs at him. “It’s Nathaniel. Welcome, Nathaniel.”

Two years my senior, Thane was three or four inches shorter than me, yet his presence was so large I rarely remembered that. Except, he seemed tiny, like an itty-bitty pocket Thane. He was just adorable.

Resembling the Marvel action figure, Falcon, he prowled about two steps forward before jarring to a halt and gaping at me in dismay.

“Motherfucker,” he breathed as three more guys poured in behind him, crowding the room to capacity. “You’re worse off than I thought.”

Around him, Parker, Damien, and Foster littered the floor like an infestation of grief group members descending on their lost sheep.

They’d come to collect me back into the fold, I could tell, and it was gonna suck to be them because I was going to disappoint them. Big time.

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