Once Upon a Canoe Trip by Linda Kage

NOVELLA in the 2nd Generation FM Books
Contemporary Young Adult Romance
Orginally published Nov 2018 in The Price of Mason
13,889 words, 41 pages
0-Flame Sensuality Rating

Teagan’s fed up with finding so many losers out there in the dating pool. She just can’t seem to connect with anyone, so she decides to stop casting her line so far out and fish a little closer to home. Maybe someone from her parents’ big group of friends holds just the man for her.

The most obvious choice is Luke. So during the big yearly canoe trip, Teagan goes bold and crawls into his tent—naked—to explore her options. The only problem is she gets the wrong tent and ends up kissing Luke’s brother, J.B., and wow.

Maybe a little case of mistaken identity is what happily ever after is all about.



“Lucian Michael,” I growled through clenched teeth. “I said go get him something warm. He’s cold.” For some reason, it didn’t seem to matter or even phase me that Luke was just as shirtless as JB was.

“I’m fine,” JB cut in quietly.

Ignoring him, I sent Luke my crazy-eyed glare, threatening all sorts of bodily harm if he didn’t comply.

“Okay, okay,” he muttered, hopping off the picnic table. “Jesus. I’ll be right back.” Then he pointed at his brother and snickered. “Try to keep it in your pants while I’m gone, bro, or Ten will kill me for leaving you two alone.” Then he wandered off, laughing over his own lame joke.

Glad I finally had a moment alone with JB, I glanced his way, but he was studiously attempting to ignore me. So I went over and sat next to him on the tree stump, trying to force his attention.

Why I wanted to force it, I have no idea. But after what had just happened between us in that tent, I needed him to look at me. I needed to know...I just needed to know what this meant between us now.

He glanced at me, scowling. But as soon as his gaze met mine, air hissed from between his teeth, and his eyes filled with something hot and seeking, something I felt deep in my womb. It was more intense than sex—or at least any sex I’d ever had—and a shudder of attraction consumed me. Oh, God, what did this mean?

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