Playing to Win by Linda Kage

NOVELLA in the 2nd Generation FM Books
Contemporary Young Adult Romance
Orginally published Nov 2018 in The Price of Mason
7,262 words, 27 pages
0-Flame Sensuality Rating

Being the oldest daughter to a pair of celebrity rock stars isn’t always easy. After being bullied and harassed at school for her fame, Rory Hart goes incognito and spends her senior year of high school with her Uncle Pick. There, she decides to take this opportunity as an unknown to see if she’s really got what it takes to become a famous rocker herself. And what better place to test her skills than the local talent show.

Her only competition might be country boy, Tucker Holt, but Rory’s confident she can still smoke him on the vocals. Until she learns his goal is to win the reward money to help his single struggling mom pay the bills.

Suddenly, playing to win feels more about winning someone heart than winning first place.



“I don’t hate you,” I blurted, glaring at him for even suggesting that. No one put words into my mouth, especially untrue words.

He stepped close, towering over me, making me gulp because of his overwhelming presence. “Then what do you think of me?”

His voice was so quiet and compelling, I floundered. “I...” Choking in the spotlight—for real this time—I didn’t know what to say. The sarcastic instinct in me wanted to lash out with something scathing and mean, and yet, I kind of wanted to tell him the truth more.

“Don’t be a coward,” he coaxed softly, his eyes begging for honesty. “You’re the bravest spitfire I know. Just say it.” Dammit, he’d turned this into a dare. I could never resist a dare.

So I growled, “I like you. A lot. Okay?”

His chest heaved as he drew in a long breath. Then he exhaled before admitting, “Well, I like you a lot too.” Eyebrows furrowing in question he asked, “So, then why are we mortal enemies?”

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