The Seven Series by Linda Kage

Putting their ghosts to rest (sometimes literally) one love story at a time

Seven contemporary new adult romance stories that tie into one friend group.

Damien Archer

What The Story's About:

This year was supposed to be different because Oaklynn had a plan.

Stop partying.
Stay away from guys.
Focus on classes.

All she needed to do was find a place to stay near campus, and she’d be set. But when she finds the perfect room to rent, it brings the mysterious Damien into her life.

Her friend tries to warn her that he’s dangerous. He has secrets and darkness in his eyes. But the only danger Oaklynn can tell that he poses is to her attention. He’s all she can think about. Except, he’s hiding something, and when the truth comes out that her new roommate was murdered...a decade ago...nothing will ever be the same again.

So yeah, this year will definitely be different.

Hudson Ivey

What The Story's About:

It was no mystery why I hated Genesis Gusano. She liked to take other people’s things. The bitch stole a pair of my cutest shoes along with my favorite necklace and a school paper I’d written, which had nearly gotten me expelled from Haverick University entirely. But the last straw came when she dared to take the one thing I’d been pining over for two years.


I had craved Hudson Ivey in a way I didn’t even know craving was possible, and that was before I’d learned his dang name.

He had no idea he’d become a possession that two enemies were warring over. All he wanted to do was graduate with his culinary arts degree and become the best chef possible.

But now he’s stuck in Genesis’s sick game until a ghost from his past changes all the rules, possessing him in a whole new, far more dangerous way.

I promised myself I was done with the paranormal life. I was determined to be a normal, everyday, average girl. But I can’t just stand aside and watch him be destroyed. So I guess it’s time for a little Faith to step in and save the day.

Foster Union

What The Story's About:

When Raina Bollen is involved in a car accident that leaves her in a coma, her soul is severed from her body and tethered to her dream crush, the star quarterback of the Haverick University football team. But Foster Union isn’t quite the perpetually cheerful and perfect guy she built him up to be in her mind. He’s in need of some serious pampering.

Wracked by a lifetime’s worth of guilt and anxiety, Foster has always strived to do the very best he can and take care of everyone around him, but he’s neglected his own heart in the process.

Now that he’s found someone meant just for him, however, will she ever wake up so they can actually be together, or is he doomed to love a ghost?

Coming October 3, 2024

Parker Ohrley

He's Known For:

Parker is undeniably the dry, sarcastic, angry one. He's kind of an asshole to women, but that doesn't keep him from hooking up with them frequently. He has a bit of a drinking problem, broods well, and is always near his laptop, somehow making money hand-over-fist

His Background:

He was eleven when his parents died in a car accident. The last thing he screamed at them was that he hated them, so he didn’t talk for eight months after their deaths. When he received a hefty settlement from the automobile company for their accident, he tried to blow it all on the stock market but ended up becoming insanely rich from his investments instead.

Coming Hopefully Jan/Feb 2025

Keene Dugger

He's Known For:

Keene is the hyper, horny one. He's always full of energy, can't stay still, and is perpetually trying to get into some poor girl's pants. But he's also interested in the female reproductive system because he plans to become an OB-GYN someday.

His Background:

He lost his mother when he was eight to ovarian cancer, which he later learned came from an STD that she got from her husband after he cheated. This knowledge is what prompted Keene to go into his field of study...and it's also why he dislikes his father, who couldn't even bother to stick around and raise him after his wife died. He left Keene with both his paternal and maternal grandparents who took on split custody of him.

Coming in Mid-2025

Nathaniel "Thane" Eisner

He's Known For:

The leader of the pack, Thane is everyone’s moral compass and has always kept The Seven together. He's friendly and likable and loves to help people. After graduating, he became a counselor at a high school. He was the only one of the seven to have a steady girlfriend for over six months. He met Nova during his freshman year of high school, and they dated all the way until graduation when differing colleges split them apart.

His Background:

Thane’s the only member of the grief group who didn't lose someone close to him. He was best friends with Parker and lived next door to him when Parker lost his parents. So Thane went with Parker to his first meeting, and he just stayed there to help the others, too.

Coming in 2025/2026

Alec Younger

Known For:

Alec is the youngest and the tallest of the group with bright blue eyes and wild, curly brown hair. He's a movie geek who wants to be a film producer someday. A sweetheart and a goofball, he also has no game with the ladies and doesn't even try, which may be why he's the only virgin in the group.

His Background:

Alec was raised by his single mother. His father rarely visited, so Alec assumed he lived far away until he spotted his dad at a local carnival when he was seven, only to learn he was the love child from an extramarital affair. When Alec accidentally exposes his secret to his dad’s real family, his dad has a heart attack and dies. It took years, but Alec eventually became close with his half-sister, whom he gave a liver when she was sick.

Coming in 2026

The Seven Logo


Westport Map

Westport is a made-up town where The SEVEN series takes place. But in real life, it would be located in the United States, along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico and in the state of Texas. I have pictured it in my head to be somewhere around the Corpus Christi area. When I research what the weather, wildlife, and plants would be like there at certain times of the year, I look up Corpus Christi, anyway. And yes, sorry, I made WESTport on the EAST side of the state just to be weird!


Have U Logo

Haverick University (AKA HaveU) is a private—and fictional—four-year college, located in the fictional city of Westport, Texas on the Gulf Coast. Haverick was named after Marshall Ginn Haverick (also fictional), a philanthropist who donated his 300-acre home to opening a university in 1924.

The campus is small with a 7,000-student enrollment and a 15% acceptance rate, plus an up-and-coming football program. They also have an impressive Cullinary school, nursing, and journalism program, plus a great educational and business college.

The school colors are Brown and Gold, and horseshoes are popular on the Haverick campus for good luck since their mascot is the Stallions.


Have U Logo
Have U Logo

HaveU's official mascot is Stetson the Stormin’ Stallion. He is typically spotted wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and swinging around a rope to lasso the Stallions' rivals. Stetson is almost never seen with a rider on his back.



the Bridleway Trail

There is a big pedestrian trail in the series that loops through my fictional town of Westport.

I started out calling it just...The Trail. But then later, it became Bridleway since the mascot of Haverick University where my characters attend college is a stallion, and bridleway is another name for an equestrian horse trail.

When I wrote Book One: VACANCY, I was thinking of The Link in Kansas City-- which is a pedestrian trail that links up two hotels, the Crown Center shopping mall, and even their Union Station Amtrak. Their glassed-in elevated skywalk was exactly what I had in mind when I wrote about Damien jogging through his Bridleway trail.


Interior of the Haunted Brownstone
Exterior of the Haunted Brownstone

The brownstone that Oaklynn rents in Book 1: VACANCY is kind of a big deal, so I browsed the internet before writing its description until I found pictures of a place I wanted it to look like. It isn’t exactly like this—there are a few things I changed here and there—but mostly…it looks pretty much like this.


Interior of the Haunted Brownstone
Exterior of the Haunted Brownstone

The old Papago Plazas in Scottsdale, Arizona (image taken from Google Maps) was inspiration for how I picture the buildings to look in “The Adobe Strip” that’s mentioned in the Seven Series. In Book 2: MY ENEMY’S BOYFRIEND, Faith lives above Jezebel’s Nest, a metaphysical, new-age shop, on The Adobe Strip near the boardwalk.