Dear Worthy

NOVELLA in the 2nd Generation FM Books
Contemporary Young Adult Romance
Orginally published Jan 2021 in Secrets That We Keep
14,622 words, 38 pages
0-Flame Sensuality Rating

Bentley has had enough. She’s tired of Beau Gamble always butting his way into her life, sabotaging her dates, constantly picking on her, and basically annoying the life out of her. She just wants to finish the last year of high school pretending he never existed.

The only problem with that is that their families are close friends, which makes avoiding Beau downright impossible. If she wants to survive him with her sanity intact, she needs to learn how to deal with him. So with a little tip from his mother that Beau only really opens up through the written word, Bentley writes him a letter, demanding to know what his problem is.

Except his response might just change her entire perspective of him, or maybe it’ll change her whole world.



“I’m trying to get you to answer the damn question I asked in my letter. Why! Why can’t you just tell me you like me?”

“Because I don’t like you!” I roared back. “Jesus.” Gripping my head, I turned away from her and curled my shoulders in, fighting off the battle of fear and insecurity going on inside me.

In front of me, Bentley blinked as if I had just slapped her. “You don’t like me?”

I cracked off a harsh, bitter laugh. “How could I?” Eyes going moist, I added, “Like is a nice and polite, comfortable emotion. And what I feel for you is in no way nice or polite or comfortable. It’s like this violent, all-consuming thunderstorm I can’t control. Or an obsessive itch I can never alleviate. Sometimes, I think I hate you for making me want something like I want every smile, every glance, every scowl, and laugh, and shout, or whisper, or every freaking tear you have to give. I’ve never wanted anything the way I want you. And it’s terrible. And wonderful. And confusing. And scary as shit. Now tell me, how is there room for like in any of that?”

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